Three things you need to know about Anchor.

If you’re interested in podcasting or even looking at a platform that could help you start creating podcasting assets for your business, look no further than Anchor. This service is completely free, helps you record your podcast and distributes it globally across multiple platforms plus gives you unique ways to make money right from day one.

Anchor was recently purchased by music giant Spotify, to take care of the podcasting community that continues to grow every year.

Kebrasca King, Author, MD of King Creative Media.
Image by childeye.

No. 1 – Anchor is owned by Spotify.

That’s right – Spotify the world’s largest streaming music platform on the planet. With audio trends moving towards more audio focussed content, Spotify spent over 100M in the acquisition of Anchor back in 2020 and now Anchor proudly powers over 1.3 Million podcast shows around the world. Needless to say, this is a partnership made in heaven.

  • Spotify spent over $100M to acquire Anchor in 2020.
  • Anchor now makes up over 70% of Spotify podcasting content online.
  • Over 1.3 Million podcast shows have been produced and that number rises every year.
  • Anchor Can Now Add Videos To Your Spotify Account.

Plus You Can Upload Video To Anchor.

  • Anchor Can Now Add Videos To Your Spotify Account.

No. 2 – Anchor is a free podcasting platform.

So you might be asking yourself – how much does Anchor cost? – nothing it’s FREE. It’s not sign up to a tedious spam form and get a discount code free, everything within the suite is free. The includes, custom webpages, editing software, recording software, the mobile app, analytics and more. In 2021, Anchor released a new ad service where podcasters could start generating revenue from Ads within the podcast. All of this and more – for free. Now that’s value (*This is not a paid ad by the way, we just love what they do)

  • Free to signup to Anchor via website:
  • Free Anchor mobile app to record, edit and produce your own podcasts.
  • Free analytics, free advertising platform to generate income, free podcast website.

No. 3 – Anchor distributes your podcast everywhere.

It doesn’t stop there, not only does Anchor provide you with the service, support, and facilities for you to produce and manage a podcast, but, they also help you distribute it to some of the world’s biggest podcast networks. Currently, our weekly podcast #creativetalk (see below) is syndicated to over 9 different online platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Pocket Cast, Breaker, and many more. All we have to do is create the podcast using Anchor (which we do from our studio) and Anchor takes care of the rest. This small service saves you so much time. (Thanks Anchor!)

  • Anchor distributes your podcast globally.
  • Anchor helps you to extend your podcast audience.
  • Anchor automatically sends your podcast to Apple, Google, Spotify and more.

Our summary.

If you’re looking for an affordable podcasting option that truly is a lot of fun to use. You have to look at Anchor, there’s so much value that you’d be silly not to give a go. We give the team at Anchor a massive 10/10 rating.

Check out our latest podcast episode of #creativetalk all made by our friends at Anchor.