The Biggest Marketing Mistake To Avoid When Planning For 2022.

A new year dawns and it’s that time again to align your strategies, data, sales results, partnerships, PR coverage, etc, and drill down on the finer details to see what you could look to do differently in 2022.

Too many corporate brands, rush their strategies without taking a look at ALL of their results. It’s total madness, especially when they spend large budgets on advertising, PR coverage, content, SEO and more.

Author & Managing Director Of King Creative, Kebrasca King.

Whenever we’re preparing a new plan of attack, we fully review every aspect with our clients. We want them to know exactly what we’re thinking and why. Data is one of key factors when going through this review process, but more often than not, it’s quite overwhelming and can take a considerable amount of time.

Step through it piece by piece.

Give yourself time and support to go through every aspect and allow your team to give you feedback on what worked and what didn’t. You could even turn this into a team-building exercise and go through things from each team member.

  • Each team member presents highlights.
  • Provide detailed stats, insights and reports that showcase why these performed well.
  • Also highlight the not so good assets as well and why they didn’t perform.
  • Most importantly have fun with it, don’t stay too long on the negative. 5 mins is plenty.
  • Have multiple teams present to one another regularly. Sales, Marketing, PR, Social, Advertising.

Working collaboratively when its time to review always achieves the best results. Don’t delay, ensure that you are creating amazing plans for you and your team.

Need help looking through all your data? Don’t have time to review last year’s results?


Search for new lessons and insights.

Hidden in the data is always a little secret, a lesson, for a learning that needs to be exploited.

  • Find that hidden nugget.
  • Let the team decide what they want to contribute and work on.
  • Can someone take on a new role or task that’s out of their comfort zone?
  • Look at other areas that don’t usually get much attention.

Review industry reports that are relevant.

The data is full of interesting information. You’ve just got to keep looking.

  • Look at trends.
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • What is the competition doing?
  • How can you do better?

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork.