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Fashion Designer Nixi Killick Uses AR Tech To Break Boundaries.

Creating new dimensions through fashion is nothing new for Nixi, she easily blurs the lines between colour, design, technology, and wearable art pieces and embraces all facets of bespoke integrations. https://youtu.be/Omm_AGKuppY Nixi Killick Shares Her Story When Lenovo was looking for a new direction of talent, she stood out above all others. Her colour schemes, work ethic and passion ...Read more

What Happens When Lenovo & Supercars Combine?

https://youtu.be/AlA0tIHU1po Working With The Team From Lenovo & King Creative Allowed Us To Create A Bespoke Competition That Integrated Across Multiple Channels, Events & Retail Stores.Charith Moonisinghe, Lenovo Activation Manager. The Search For Australia's Ultimate REVFAN. Creating a new competition concept takes a lot of time, effort and energy and there's a lot at stake ...Read more