Maori man sitting in front of Maori carvings with a laptop

Ngarino Te Waati blends ancient knowledge and modern technology for healing

“Mā- means to be pure; o is the energy of purity, and -ri means connectedness. So the translation of Māori means pure energy connected. Well-being is important in order for us to nourish and flourish in this world of abundance. To expand the intention of your given purpose, it needs to be relatable to the demographic – in this day and age, everyone is on technology” as stated by founder of the Māori Movement Ngarino Te Waati, in Lenovo’s highly progressive, impactful content-driven social media campaign delivering a strong branding message with an impactful local hero story from the Maori community.

Produced by cinematic visuals and a captivating, cultural narrative, King Creative Media designed this campaign for our client, Lenovo ANZ, to leverage the power of omnichannel video content-driven marketing to connect with consumers on a one-to-one basis, using hero stories to build emotional connections that drive engagement and advocacy.

In Ngarino’s journey, technology plays a vital role in healing. From the beaches of Aotearoa to the boardrooms of government bodies, technology allows Ngarino and his team to keep in touch, stay productive and create more meaningful experiences for others. With more followers demanding more time from Ngarino he created a mobile app that touches on some of the principles that he teaches one on one. Expanding with technology is a vital part of taking his message to the world. One by one, women and men from all over the world are coming to learn, heal and understand their own unique cultural purpose.

The marketing approach implemented by King Creative Media and Lenovo addressed the identified problems and challenges while capitalising on several opportunities. Firstly, the approach ensured a seamless and consistent brand experience across multiple platforms and touchpoints, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing Lenovo to reach and engage consumers effectively. By utilising hero stories that focused on the human stories behind their products, Lenovo created emotional engagement, built trust, and drove brand loyalty with a high conversion rate. This original and impactful content differentiated Lenovo from competitors and resonated with local audiences by aligning global strategies with local consumer preferences and messaging. The campaign also highlighted the unique benefits and features of Lenovo products that appealed to local audiences, further driving brand advocacy and market share growth.