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What Happens When Lenovo & Supercars Combine?
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Three things you need to know about Anchor.

If you're interested in podcasting or even looking at a platform that could help you start creating podcasting assets for your business, look no further than Anchor. This service is completely free, helps you record your podcast and distributes it globally across multiple platforms plus gives you unique ways to make money right from day one. Anchor was recently purchased by music giant ...Read more

Have You Heard About The TikTok Effect?

Recently the team at King Creative Media worked with China's largest global platform provider, TIKTOK. Our goal was to make the platform one of the fastest-growing within new regions and get new audiences to download, use and share content daily. In order to change people's perceptions of TIKTOK we had to educate, incentivise and support their content, growth and platform use.Amber King, Host ...Read more

Fashion Designer Nixi Killick Uses AR Tech To Break Boundaries.

Creating new dimensions through fashion is nothing new for Nixi, she easily blurs the lines between colour, design, technology, and wearable art pieces and embraces all facets of bespoke integrations. https://youtu.be/Omm_AGKuppY Nixi Killick Shares Her Story When Lenovo was looking for a new direction of talent, she stood out above all others. Her colour schemes, work ethic and passion ...Read more

IGEA Gaming Industry Report 2022

Every year IGEA releases a gaming report on how the industry is performing, providing new insights and trends that will be taking place in the year ahead. We couldn't interact with people in real life so we communicated with friends and strangers through online video games23yr old, Male Gamer, based in Perth, WA. Working within the video game industry is vibrant, fun and ever-changing and ...Read more