Fashion Designer Nixi Killick Uses AR Tech To Break Boundaries.

Creating new dimensions through fashion is nothing new for Nixi, she easily blurs the lines between colour, design, technology, and wearable art pieces and embraces all facets of bespoke integrations.

Nixi Killick Shares Her Story

When Lenovo was looking for a new direction of talent, she stood out above all others. Her colour schemes, work ethic and passion for pushing boundaries encapsulated Lenovo’s core ethos.

I love hi-jacking technology from all areas and blending it within my designs, creating a shareable, wearable piece of art.

Creator, Fashion Designer & AR Technology Enthusists x Nixi Killick.

Content that works across social platforms.

Nixi creative pallette also stood out on social, and we delivered assets that were colourful, vibrant and told stories from all areas of Nixi’s world. Capturing artwork that could be used in multiple platforms across social and digital realms.

  • Social Images That Excited Audiences.
  • Filmed Videos That Told Unique, Bold Stories.
  • Completed During Lockdown

Creative Assets That Inspire.

Working with Nixi was a dream come true, and we were so honoured to tell her story to showcase just how talented she is. Without her support, and colourful world we would’ve had nothing to share with the world.

  • Partnered with Intel and Lenovo.
  • Featured Key Laptop, PC and Mobile Products.
  • Content Used On Retail Channels, E Comm Stores and Social.

Watch More Snippets Of Nixi’s Story courtesy of Lenovo

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