#creativetalk podcast: What is META? Why should I care?

It seems that everyone has heard of the latest rebranding product from Facebook – “META” – the new wave of virtual technology that is set to change the way we communicate with the world.

The Metaverse will change the way that we interact, play and engage with one another all over the world.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta / Facebook

This week we tackle the topic of all things META and give you our views on what to look out for. With technology vastly increasing at a pace that hardly anyone can keep up with it, now is the time to get ready for one of the biggest trends the world has ever seen.

Welcome To The META-VERSE

Facebook, has rebranded all of its companies into one new brand. META. Interesting that this comes after a massive drop in revenue to the tuning fork sound of $240M but that’s another topic for another day.

META is the new playbook from Facebook and will encompass all technology eco-systems joining as one under a Virtual landscape. Now in theory this is a very interesting future move by Mark and his team. Mainly because the technology within virtual landscapes is very much at its infancy and one can’t help but think that he is trying to rush it to own it, just so no one else can. Hmmmm the plot thickens. . . regardless META is here to stay and companies now need to start looking at what is to come and how this will play out with consumers.

How long until market saturation?

As the virtual space of technology becomes cheaper, the adoption of VR / AR tech within homes, schools and businesses is likely to rise – remember what having a computer was like 30years ago, or when websites became a thing 20 years ago or how about 10 years ago when Social Media launched? Yup it’s one of those, it’s going to happen. There’s too much invested into infrastructure, technology and META for it not to work. . . sure there will be bumps along the road, but a virtual future is very much on the horizon and instead of worrying about your next digital social ad, you’d better start thinking how you can offer ONE TO ONE exclusives via a VIRTUAL landscape.

Our predictions are within the next 3 to 5 years, there will be a solid META universe offering to customers. One which is also built upon a secure financial structure and no doubt backed by quite a few leading companies, influencers and more.

Is Your Business Ready For META?


Will NFT’s be involved?

Although a separate discussion to META – NFT will become the norm, and most definitely be involved in this new digital landscape. Why? Because we need a secure way to buy and sell stuff in the META-VERSE. . .and blockchain digital currencies are the only way to do this. NFT will pave the way for artists, creators and more to generate unique digital products, ones that will likely change the experiences of everything we see today. Expect to see META BUCKS or META dollars though, as well as your fav BITCOINS and ETH COINS connected to NFT art pieces, NFT collectibles, NFT experiences and more.

Watch the live META launch event.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come from the team at META.