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AI vs Human content, who wins?

The world of marketing has changed forever and here’s why. As I’m writing this blog post I am already being automatically prompted to convert this article using a free AI plugin.

Artificial Intelligence is a real game changer.

Nigel Patel – NG

One AI plugin to rule the world.

This plugin will not only write the content but spell check it, test it on trending topics, and give me all the insights I need to make the article more appealing to our niche. All of this takes one click and is completed in a matter of seconds. Something that would’ve take hours to do, created and ready for approval in milli-seconds.

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Place your bets – who wins?

Now that we are 24 months into a new dominant AI marketplace, with over 50,000 new AI tools available to create, curate, schedule, copy, produce, edit, and post content daily it must be time for us to look at whose content is better. . . AI or Human. Luckily for us, there was a company that made it their mission to put this exact question to the test and the results may shock you.

The GOOD: Let’s look at how long it took AI to complete certain content tasks. Here the team analyzed how long it took to write and post social content in a CRM. One point to AI here, as it was 50mins quicker than a human.

The GOOD: Now let us review the average post over a period of time that was produced by AI and compare that to whether HUMAN content outperforms it. One point to Humans here. Over 5 months, the engagement speaks for itself, authentic content wins over mass-produced AI content.

The BAD: Lastly lets look at traffic and time spent on content once its produced and compare the numbers here. Another point to HUMANITY.

Humans 2 points – AI 1 point.

The UGLY: So after reviewing all the information and comparisons, there’s a major issue that is clearly coming across around AI and Human content production and its, why is it that AI content doesn’t attract engagement from humans? why if its faster, better and more cost effective – why does it not perform? The answer is simple, it’s not AUTHENTIC and GENUINE and there seems to be existing knowledge and acceptance from consumers who are well-informed, targeted, and experienced with regard to what looks real and what doesn’t and they currently prefer HUMAN created content.

HOWEVER. . . we’re only 24 months into the AI generation and just like the Internet Generations and Social Generations of the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s, we haven’t even scratched the surface of whats to come. As we become increasingly reliant on AI technology to do the work for us, our human-ness will be reduced, we will accept more and more AI-produced content and eventually, our consumer based society will not care about what’s AI or HUMAN. Similar to how once we shopped in-store and now we shop ONLINE.

Let’s not forget Elons warning.

Change is bound to happen and with regards to AI it’s not how it will happen, but how long will it take to be accepted that will determine the future of our marketing.

Maori man sitting in front of Maori carvings with a laptop

Ngarino Te Waati blends ancient knowledge and modern technology for healing

“Mā- means to be pure; o is the energy of purity, and -ri means connectedness. So the translation of Māori means pure energy connected. Well-being is important in order for us to nourish and flourish in this world of abundance. To expand the intention of your given purpose, it needs to be relatable to the demographic – in this day and age, everyone is on technology” as stated by founder of the Māori Movement Ngarino Te Waati, in Lenovo’s highly progressive, impactful content-driven social media campaign delivering a strong branding message with an impactful local hero story from the Maori community.

Produced by cinematic visuals and a captivating, cultural narrative, King Creative Media designed this campaign for our client, Lenovo ANZ, to leverage the power of omnichannel video content-driven marketing to connect with consumers on a one-to-one basis, using hero stories to build emotional connections that drive engagement and advocacy.

In Ngarino’s journey, technology plays a vital role in healing. From the beaches of Aotearoa to the boardrooms of government bodies, technology allows Ngarino and his team to keep in touch, stay productive and create more meaningful experiences for others. With more followers demanding more time from Ngarino he created a mobile app that touches on some of the principles that he teaches one on one. Expanding with technology is a vital part of taking his message to the world. One by one, women and men from all over the world are coming to learn, heal and understand their own unique cultural purpose.

The marketing approach implemented by King Creative Media and Lenovo addressed the identified problems and challenges while capitalising on several opportunities. Firstly, the approach ensured a seamless and consistent brand experience across multiple platforms and touchpoints, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing Lenovo to reach and engage consumers effectively. By utilising hero stories that focused on the human stories behind their products, Lenovo created emotional engagement, built trust, and drove brand loyalty with a high conversion rate. This original and impactful content differentiated Lenovo from competitors and resonated with local audiences by aligning global strategies with local consumer preferences and messaging. The campaign also highlighted the unique benefits and features of Lenovo products that appealed to local audiences, further driving brand advocacy and market share growth.

Best Content Themes To Use On Social?

In the ever-changing landscape of social media, it can be tough to keep up with the jones of content. Every second, of every minute of every day, someone somewhere is created something. So how do you know whether your content will stand out and connect to the audience you’re after?

Here’s our simple no-fuss guide that will help you find your way to selecting great content themes to help you plow through the mess.


Providing your own personal point of view showing your face.



Believe it or not, Instagram is moving into more entertaining type content.



Facebook is more community driven content, but the overall look and feel will aways evolve.



Twitter is now the freedome fighting platform. Say hard conversational truths.


You Tube

You Tube is more about brands helping communities learn new skills.


Huge thank you to the team at GWI for sharing this insight with us, links to their amazing content can be found here:,want%20brands%20to%20be%20funny.

Why You Need To Start Using YouTube SHORTS.

YouTube Shorts and short form video options are nothing new, there are a few different options depending on which platform you’re looking to use, for YouTube though – they’ve only had them since launching in 2021. However, the exciting news now is that this medium within YouTube’s platform is starting to garner massive interest and hold attention within the video space. When you consider the impact that TikTok has made as a video-only platform and the wave that has followed, it’s important to note that audiences all over the world are now hungrier for video content. Not just any content mind you, short content. So it’s no surprise to us that YouTube shorts have finally come into its hay day.

More Viewers Means More Engagement.

With YouTube’s massive audience the reach was bound to happen, however, it was not guaranteed. The numbers took some time to build, but build they have and now over 1.5 Billion Users engage with shorts every month. That’s a surprisingly large number and one that dramatically needs to be taken into account with any type of digital content play, marketing strategy, or online webinars. Shorts are perfect for all types of business genres and so it’s about knowing how you can make them work for your business that matters.

Over 1.5 Billion Users Now Engage With YouTube Shorts Every Month.


3 Mistakes To Avoid When Using YouTube Shorts.

MISTAKE #1 – Not giving YouTube Shorts its props.

YouTube Shorts are starting to gain massive traction on views, engagements, and sales. So start treating it as a platform within a platform and create vibrant content that performs well within 15 to 60sec in length.

MISTAKE #2 – Not Spending Advertising On YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are short. (Nuff said really.) Bite-sized video pieces of content for the whole family. These bite-sized pieces are perfect for advertising, so spend money where others aren’t and get some traction on content that creates opportunities.

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MISTAKE #3 – Not Adding YouTube Shorts In Content Plans.

YouTube Shorts are a great way to repurpose content while also adding value to long-form content. Stop ignoring it as if it doesn’t exist, it’s here, it works, adopt it and let’s all move on with our lives.

Still Not Convinced? Here are the latest stats on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts are here to stay.

Our final words are YouTube Shorts are now coming into their prime, and with audience viewer numbers hitting 75% of YouTubes user base, they are a must-have component to repurposing Stop ignoring it as if it doesn’t exist, it’s here, it works, adopt it and let’s all move on with our lives.

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