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How we launched a new gaming brand within a saturated market.

When global audio giant JBL asked us to spearhead their launch into the world of competitive gaming we took this as an opportunity to showcase just what our company could do. For over a decade King Creative has worked with and supported many gaming technology brands such as ASUS Computers, Republic Of Gamers, INTEL, ROCCAT, RIOT, ESL and PAX to name a few. However, this campaign was to take ...Read more

IGEA Gaming Industry Report 2022

Every year IGEA releases a gaming report on how the industry is performing, providing new insights and trends that will be taking place in the year ahead. We couldn't interact with people in real life so we communicated with friends and strangers through online video games23yr old, Male Gamer, based in Perth, WA. Working within the video game industry is vibrant, fun and ever-changing and ...Read more