5 Ways to nail your instagram stories

5 Ways to Nail Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories should be your brand’s best friend. They allow your viewers to get an insight into your day-to-day business and only stay live for 24 hours. So if you’re not familiar with the tool, read on to find out a few ways in which to nail your story every time.


1. Catch the viewer’s attention
Why is this important?
You want to ensure that the first post in your story is captivating and encourages viewers to keep watching.
Quick tip: Plan an engaging introduction to your story before filming or posting so that your following posts flow nicely.


2. Mix it up
Why is this important?
Using different formats in your stories will create more engagement and excitement from viewers.
Quick tip: Use a combination of still images, video and Boomerang to convey your message.


3. Get creative
Why is this important?
Instagram stories have a number of different features for text, colour, geotags and emojis, so it would be a shame not to use them.
Quick tip: Experiment with the face filters and stickers to create interactive content.


4. Use links
Why is this important?
Certified Instagram accounts can link to websites and other content with a ‘swipe up’. This will see your viewers engage further with your content on other platforms.
Quick tip: Start adding links for your viewers by clicking the chain link icon on your story (verified accounts only).


5. Consistency
Why is this important?
Finish your story! Once you’ve decided on what message you want to share with viewers, make sure you end it perfectly.
Quick tip: Use all the tips above to make sure your story is a killer one!



Insta Story_1







As stated in their mission, ‘people use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them’. And with over 2.01 billion monthly active users, the social media giant is set to change the way we interact with each other in 2018.

Introducing: Facebook Watch


Facebook Watch is the company’s innovative approach to build a sense of community among users while bringing people closer together. This new video surface will ultimately become a place where one can discover new channels, follow creators they love, chat with friends during a show and join groups of similar like-minded people to be part of a community.

Within the Facebook Watch platform, users will be able to live stream their reactions with friends, create ‘watch parties’ which will enable them to watch on larger screens with Facebook’s new optimization update as well as be a part of ‘Q&A’s’ with other fans or influencers.

The whole idea behind Facebook Watch is to enable users to feel like they are part of something much bigger and with functions such as live ‘Q&A’s’ with major stars or influencers, it will bring them closer to those that would have seemed previously intangible.

Facebook sees video as the centre of mobile innovation. Unlike traditional mediums of mass media, the mobile is a multifaceted device, which has turned owners into video creators and not just viewers. The viewing experience on mobile is personalized and interactive with channels and content specifically relevant to each user. Which is why it can be said that Facebook is sitting on a gold mine of video content possibilities.

Positives for Marketers and Advertisers

The platform is also a welcome innovation for marketers and brands as it provides multiple tools to reach larger amounts of viewers at any one-given time. While some features are brand new to the platform, others have been updated in an effort to get more out of video for advertisers and marketers alike.

‘Feed On-The-Go’
This feature will be present in ones news feed. The term, ‘On-The-Go’, is related to the notion of providing users with a quick fix of content and information; much like what is already present in the current format.

This will feature a new vertical video format that will essentially take up the whole screen on your device without borders. The current format of Carousels has been expanded to feature videos, which will enable marketers to showcase a number of videos or even a combination of both still images and video within one section. This category will also include the use of Cinemagraph’s, which incorporates moving elements in still images, bringing life to advertisements.

‘Feed Lean-Forward’
The ‘Lean-Forward’ feature is intended to target users who have more time to spend watching content. The elements inclusive of this feature are Collections and Canvas. Collections provide businesses with the tools to drive online shopping of products in a more visual and immersive way. The Canvas advert tool is directed at helping businesses tell their stories and sell product in an interactive way by using photos or videos.

‘Lean Back: In-Stream’
This feature is Facebook’s newest advertisement product that is targeted for viewers who have time to ‘lean back’ and enjoy content that is longer.

With marketing trends changing constantly, 2018 is looking to be a big year for businesses. Facebook Watch will change the dynamics of how people view content and interact with each other within the platform and we are equally as excited to see how marketers will take on Facebook’s new advertising features to take businesses to new heights.

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